Kai Kadai (Only You) – Abbey Tee

Abbey Tee brings a wholesome feel with Kai Kadai, an afrobeat jam with a memorable rap in between. Kai Kadai is a song exalting the Sovereignty and Uniqueness of God above any other existence or thing. It’s a tune that promises to be stuck in your mind and on your lips all day, thankfully it’s worship in tune with the gospel.
Kai Kadai (spontaneously)
(Only You)
Verse 1
There is only one, who can save humanity
Or else we’re heading for destruction
Who can bring the world to grow in love and unity
There’s no one else on earth
God it’s only you
Yes, it’s only You (spontaneous)
Verse 2
Only You can do what no one else can do
God of the impossible yeah
We’ve seen the lame walk, the deaf and dumb talk
You made it possible oo
God, we will Praise You
After we seek, we will find you
After we find, we will follow
Follow you forever
(Chorus & Hook)
Mu yi maka sujada
(We bring our worship)
Mu yi maka waka na
(We bring our song)
Lord, I’m gonna keep on praising You
Coz its Only You, Only You……
Verse 3
I remember back in the days
When I was out of your ways
You showed me Grace
Lord, I didn’t deserve it
Nevertheless, You were willing to serve it
I can’t understand, the Love that you have shown to me is too big to comprehend
Coz, I’ve never seen one who would die for sinners when he never sinned
Who delivered the Israelites from the hands of the Egyptians
Who created the earth, the Sun, the whole of the universe
(Oh my God)
Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omni Omni
So many gods, so many idols, but
(Chorus & Hook)
Maiceto na
(My Saviour)
Maitamako na
(My helper)
Mai fansata
(My Redeemer)
Yesu Ubangiji na
(Jesus My Lord)

SoundCloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/abbeytee/kaikadai