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LIFEGIVA is a growing community providing a platform for individuals to share their unique God-given talents with the world.

Since its inception as a blog, LIFEGIVA has grown in her influence and impact reaching tens of thousands of monthly followers and counting. Over time, the blog has been visited by a total of  173 countries, with top five being, Nigeria, US, Kenya, EU, and UK.

As the Lifegiva Community continues to expand and grow, the need to constantly flood the plains of  media  with positive contents becomes more pressing. This led to the birth of our Online Radio Station.

Lifegiva Online Radio is an Online radio station established purposely to provide biblically sound content to a wide variety of listeners both locally and internationally.

Download the radio brochure; Lifegiva Radio Brochure

What’s Our Finance Like?

Up until now, Lifegiva as a Blog has been financed by donations and in-house funding from partners who have been blessed by the platform and believe the platform must grow.

We are seeking community partnership and participation on a global scale and we want YOU to be a part of our community.