Not Of This World – AbbeyTee (Download & Lyrics)

Not Of This World is a song by Abbey Tee, it speaks to everyone who wants to follow Jesus, that we shouldn’t get accustomed/conformed to this world. It’s a rap track which AbbeyTee likes to refer to as R.A.P. – Rhythmically Applied Preaching.
Abbey Tee is a multi-talented personality with a passion in encouraging people to live for God through his music. His first song was “The Life” which was released in 2015, featuring OJAY & Chukwuma. He released his second song with Bolaji Salami “Gbe Jesu Ga” in 2016. And on February 3, 2017, he released NOTW (Not of this world) with Martha.

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I’m not of this world, I can’t live life like everyone else
I’m not of this world, Jesus loves me more; I won’t love Him less
I’m not of this world, I’ve been bought with a price and now I know I am blessed
I’m not of this world, I’m NOTW
I don’t know what you find interesting, but it’s anything you put interest in
So put your interest in God and in His word and please don’t live in sin
I know it really feels enticing, and when you do it it’s exciting
But God wants to bless you and what sin does is hinder your blessing
In Jesus Christ we’ve become a new being
Christ the hero in our movie scene
Once slaves to sin but now slaves to righteousness, Christ the King has made us His twin
Once in darkness then came the light
Jesus Christ, morning star so bright
We are holy, unblameable and unreproveable in His sight
Not by strength, nor power, nor might
But by the Spirit of the Lord we fight
Enemies want to see us fall, so we get down on our knees and we pray all night
We’ve gotta be strong not slothful
We fight by the spirit not kung fu
And now, we live by what grace dictates, never justified by what’s lawful
But it’s awful
The way we turn our backs on the one who intended to save us
Jesus showed His love, we must take that love show it to our neighbours
Love so true, Love so real, Love so pure that labours
Love that will change the world, The Love that has changed us
I don’t know what you find interesting
The world’s curse or the Lord’s blessing
But where your destiny goes, the Spirit knows while your flesh is guessing
You’re a saint so watch your dressing
It’s okay to laugh but watch your jesting
Because the whole world is watching you, whispering *Oh, she’s a Christian*
We don’t care what they say no more
When they see proofs, they will say no more
Reaching greater heights where we see no floors
Now we are living by grace and we breed no laws
Some people put on godly posters but they live life like Christ imposters
Sold out to ungodly things, like 12 years a slave to ungodly things
Please understand that you are not of this world, though we are under this flesh, we are not of
this mud
We’ve been redeemed, forgiven by His blood, new Optimus Primes transforming by His Word
Wait! are we really believers
Are we living a lifestyle or living religious
I urge you give your life to Jesus
Live for Christ and don’t live for pieces