Legend – Tobi Toun | @mrtobitoun

Artiste: Tobi Toun

Title: Legend

Features: Nill

Producers: FIF the myth

Release Date: 25th of September, 2017

Genre: Christian Rap / Hip Hop

About Song: Legend is a reflective track that highlights various hopes and suggestions as regards the moral decadence in society. The rapper gives a skilled outline with solutions that emerge from a change of mindset as regards giving and love in general.

Bio: Tobi Toun is a Nigerian rapper, spoken word artist, and Singer. His style is centered on inspirational hip hop with some elements from similar genres. His debut project titled Whispers was released in December 2015 and he has since been working on new materials. Tobi Toun is an artist to look out for, as his style is unique, conscious, and in a different position compared to the kind of music that’s being created right now.

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Streaming link: https://soundcloud.com/mrtobitoun/legend
Twitter: @mrtobitoun
Instagram: @mrtobitoun
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