Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Lifegiva radio?

Lifegiva radio is an Online Radio Station and a branch of Lifegiva Media set up (or established) to provide biblically sound and practical content to our local and international audience.

It seeks to serve the Christian community, bringing about self-expression, providing answers to life questions the Godly way and giving a common platform to share our diverse interest and faith

  1. What kind of shows will be aired on Lifegiva radio?

Lifegiva Radio is a music and Talk show radio station.

We will focus on airing talk shows that cover issues ranging from lifestyle, inspiration, business, family, sports, and godly entertainment. In addition, an unlimited genre of gospel music will be aired on the station round the clock.

  1. How do I Listen to Lifegiva Radio

To ensure a convenient means, user-friendly and flexible means to listening to Lifegiva radio, we have provided the following means;

  • On the website;
  • Mobile Application – An Andriod and iPhone based application will be available on Google App store and Itunes respectively via which the radio station can be listened to.
  • Tune in – Tune In is one of the world’s largest radio directory, on commencement of broadcast, Lifegiva Radio will be listed on Tune In, all you’ll need to do is search for “Lifegiva Radio”
  • Facebook  – We will also embed a media player on our facebook page;
  • On’ websites; Media players will be embeded on our various websites;,, etc
  1. How can I catch up on a programme I missed?

If you liked a talk show so much that you will like to listen to it again or if for any reason you missed an episode from your favourite show, Lifegiva radio has you covered. On our radio website only, you will find recorded episodes of the different shows that have been aired on the radio so that nobody is left out.

Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter and specify your desired shows, so you are notified of page links to listen.

  1. Can I tune in at any time during the day?

Yes, Lifegiva radio will air its programs and music all day. So you can tune in anytime as often as you like.

  1. Can I listen to another show apart from what is being streamed at the moment?

Yes, you can. Due to the fact that all our talk shows are recorded and put on the website, you can choose to listen to a live show or a recorded show.

  1. Where can I find Program scheduling information?

Our program schedules can be found on the website.

  1. How can I take part in a programme aired on the radio?

There are two major ways you can take part in a show or an episode on Lifegiva radio.

Firstly, you can call into the shows (Either Via mobile or Internet call) or by being part of the social media conversations.

Secondly, some of our shows centre around you, e.g. “About the Song” is a show that shares your top/favourite gospel songs. You can send in your playlists and get a chance to be invited to feature on the show.  

There are more of such shows. Just ensure you follow our newsletter and social media updates so you can participate.

  1. Where can I find the music played on Lifegiva radio?

We will have a list of the songs played on air, playlists, charts and mixes on our website; The songs will be linked to the particular music stores and websites where they can be purchased and downloaded.

  1. How can I find advice and support on an issue discussed on the show?

You can send us a direct email to or by using the form in the bottom section of our website.

Our social media platforms are also very effective and you can send us an Instant Message (IM) and we will be sure to reply you.

  1. How do I get in touch with OAPs on the show?

For most of our On Air Personalities (OAP), you will find their basic social media information on the website.

  1. How can I make a complaint and what is the complaints procedure?

On our website, you will find a form where you can fill out your complaints and we assure that we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also make use of any of our contact details and social media handles.

  1. Where can I find information on specific shows on Lifegiva radio?

Information about all the shows on Lifegiva radio can be found on our website including their show times, host and archives.

  1. Can I give feedback and suggestions about the radio?

Yes, you can. Your feedback is very important to us at Lifegiva radio as it will help us serve you better.

To do so,  kindly use any of our contact details or social media accounts.  

Instagram: @LifegivaRadio
Twitter: @LifegivaRadio