Alabama Church Buys Former Strip Club to Convert to Sanctuary

(PHOTO: HEATHER GREEN)A recent worship service of the Huntsville, Alabama campus of Refuge Church, held at Providence Elementary School.

The church is not the building, it is the body of believers, but this transformation is worth sharing. A vessel of darkness turning into light.

A multi-site church based in Alabama has recently purchased a former strip club, with the goal of converting it into a sanctuary and community center.

Refuge Church, which has campuses in Athens and Huntsville, bought the former Jimmy’s Too club located in Harvest for its Huntsville campus, which currently meets at a local elementary school.

Refuge Lead Pastor Jason Parks told The Christian Post that the building was chosen as the new home for the Huntsville campus due in part to its proximity to major population centers; 7.2 miles from Providence Elementary School, the current location of our portable Huntsville Campus,” explained Parks.

(PHOTO: HEATHER GREEN)A former strip club that Refuge Church purchased in July 2017. The church hopes to have the facility ready for its Huntsville, Alabama campus by spring of 2018.


Parks also noted that the purchase had a greater significance, telling CP that “Jesus is writing a story of redemption and restoration. We believe He is going to use us to transform the community with the power of the Gospel. I’ve been praying for this building for almost four years. I’ve longed to see it changed into a church that will reach a community,” continued Parks.

Earlier this year, the owner of the club gave his life to Christ and decided to shut the club down. It has been an amazing God-story!

Jimmy’s Too’s transformation into a Christian church campus is still in its early stages. With the property purchased and floor plans completed.

We believe this is great, God turning dark places, a building which used to house ungodliness now serving as a place of worship to the Almighty. Glory to God

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