Lifegiva Radio is an Online Radio Station, and a branch of Lifegiva.com Media, established to provide biblically sound and practical content to our local and international audience.

It seeks to serve the christian community, bringing about self expression, providing answers to life questions the Godly way and giving a common platform to share our diverse interest and faith.

Lifegiva Radio is founded by Tolulope Oludapo and the Lifegiva Team of over 30 unique individuals with diverse skills in writing, speaking, singing, editing, digital design and graphics, web development, video editing and cinematography, business development and administration.

It was founded on the desperate need for edifying contents, and this led to the mission of building a community of youth;

  • Fed with sound content, message of hope, possibility, inspiration and godly counsel on a daily basis;
  • Who find answers to their personal puzzling questions from community certified role models;
  • Being fed with entertainment that excites their emotions, but does not destroy their mind and values in the process;
  • Rightly and timely informed with happenings, trends, news, activities and event in this giant community;
  • And given an endless sky to fly, a room to put their gifts and creativity to good use.

More importantly is Lifegiva Radio being the platform where endless opportunities are created and given to thousands of artistically inclined personalities with a room to put their gifts and creativity to good use without compromise or sentiments.





We are Social;
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